Public Speaking

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"Myths of the Middle East," public lecture given at The Boulders Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, AZ

March 15, 2017

"Belying the Human Web: Western Prescriptions of Islam in International Affairs"

Midwest American Academy of Religion Regional Conference

Ball State University, Muncie, IN

March 3-4, 2017

"Men's Facial Hair, Modern Islam, and the Danger of a Single Story" and 

"Belying the Human Web: Western Religion Building and the Danger of a Single Story"

University of Mississippi, visiting lecturer, Barksdale Honors College

February 22-27, 2017

"Spirituality and Meditation in Islam"

Mendoza College of Business Annual Retreat

University of Notre Dame

January 28, 2017

"No Path to Water: Reconsidering Saudi Arabia and the GCC on the World Stage"

7th Annual Gulf Research Meeting

University of Cambridge, England

August 16-19, 2016

"Political Islam, the Arab Spring, and a Changing World Order"

56th Annual International Studies Association Convention

New Orleans, LA

February 18-21, 2015

"State, Nation-state, and Patriotism in Modern Islamic Thought"

6th Annual Southeast Regional History Conference

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

March 29, 2014

"Does Hamas Fits into Modern Islamic Thought?"

7th Biennial Symposium on Religion and Public Life

The Henry Institute, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

April 25-27, 2013

"The Social Contract in Islam" 

North Carolina History Conference

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

February 23, 2013