Nicholas Roberts

Presidential Fellow

University of Notre Dame

My study of the World will have been barren and irresponsible if it has not equipped me and spurred me to do what I can - infinitesimal though the effect of my action may be - to help mankind cure itself of some of the evil that, in my lifetime, I have seen human beings inflict on each other." Arnold Toynbee, Experiences

Nick is a Presidential Fellow and PhD student studying history at the University of Notre Dame. He is research associate and teaching assistant for Professor Ebrahim Moosa. Nick has taught middle school, high school, and community college. Though a passionate educator, Nick has experience in many other areas, including working for a Fortune 100 defense and intelligence contractor and senior military and government officials. A frequent public speaker, Nick uses his diverse experiences and education to present complex topics in interesting and accessible ways. He believes the academy should serve the public. With his research as a global historian, he hopes to tone back heated rhetoric, and deepen the public's understanding of the often emotional intersection of religion and international affairs.